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ReThink Engineering, Inc.     7378 Dust Comander Ct.  Hamilton, OH  45011

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Training is one of the most important things we do.  Our process is fairly unique in the industry, as we use as many of your parts and projects as we can.

Classes are typically held at your facility.  We have found that most customers want the classes help there as opposed to off site.  We ask that every student bring one of more of the parts/projects that they are working on to class.  We firmly believe that students need to work on meaningful projects in training o succeed in learning the application.  Please remember, the only true way to learn CAD/CAM application is stick time.  If you go home and don’t use the software for some time, everything you learned in class will be gone.

We also do short refresher classes over the Internet.  We try to keep these to between one and two hours in length and focus on one specific issue.  Many of the packages we sell also have tutorials available in the application help or in a library on the web.