Kurt at control

Our Philosophy

We work on the premise that the customer is usually right.  We try to provide service that satisfies the customer's needs while maintaining flexibility within the technology.

An example of that is with data collection.  With modern controls and sensors, users are able to collect significant amounts of data from the machines on their floor.  As we plan to collect data, we believe our role is to play Devil's Advocate.  Does a customer really need that information?  What will be done with this?  Will management decisions be made to change processes as a result?

When we build CAD models for simulation or verification, we optimize the model for this purpose.  We don't show plumbing, electrical wiring, ball bearings or raceways.

Our Story

Back in June, 1999 a company was formed with 2 principals, Kurt Freimuth and Jim Bennett.  That company was BA Solutions, Inc. and quickly became resellers of GibbsCAM and Predator Software.  Unfortunately, Jim suffered heart failure and passed approximately a year later.  Kurt renamed the company and continued.  In 2002 we picked up Z Corporation's 3D printer line.  This was clearly bleeding edge technology at that time and we did not see how revolutionary this would become.  Because we found that the people buying 3D printers were not manufacturing people and we wanted to stay with manufacturing customers, we parted ways after a year or so.  In 2003 we picked up Top Solid, an integrated CAD/CAM application.  We sold and supported this product line until Top Solid founders sold the business to managers.  They purchased the US Distributor and decided to go direct.  They have since somewhat reversed that decision, but once burned....

After the recession of 2009/2010, we picked up NCSIMUL and have worked with their US team since.  In 2018, we added the DNC and Data Collection.  We sold and installed the first NCSIMUL Hexagon DNC application in the US in early 2019  As we continue, we feel that we represent leading edge, not bleeding edge technology.  We have been accused of over-supporting our customers and plan to continue doing that.